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October 30, 2020

Episode 40: A Talk’n Pop Halloween!

So... true story, we were going to do a whole thing. But it's 2020 and we're tired, so we decided to watch a horror movie instead. Not just any horror movie, mind you, one very near and dear to Jenny's heart! Jenny relates her personal connection to the film as Tim tries to remember whether he's even seen it before. Regardless, we both implore you to join us for CREEPSHOW 2! Highlights include:

*Cool animated interludes and amazing transitions between animation and live action
*Movie rental culture
*Swift and immediate cultural insensitivity via our awkward first feature
*Local Toughs
*Rampaging indestructible cigar store Indian golems
*The ballad of Deke and Poncho
*Sentient corrosive oil monsters
*A breathtakingly tonedeaf tiddy reveal scene
*Matt's evil boyfriend from Melrose Place
*How to compose yourself after getting railed by a gigolo
*Awesome '80s practical effects

If cheesy anthology horror is your bag, watch along for a fun, low-key thrill. You might just find yourself saying, "THANKS FOR THE RIDE LADY!" Happy Halloween from TnP!

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